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Our goal is not simply to sell RVs, but to service our clients. The following is a series of items like routine maintenance checklists, downloadable guides, and informational videos to help keep you on the road and out of a service center!

We don’t consider the job to be done here until you STAY satisfied!

RV Maintenance & Upkeep

RV Type Comparisons

Towing 101

Out-of-State & Long Distance Info

General RV & Camping Tips

Buyer Beware Advisories

  • Avoiding “Beer Can” RV Roofing – Click Here!
  • RV Ladder Do’s and DON’Ts – Click Here!
  • Dirty Truth of RV “Thermal Pane” Windows – Click Here!
  • Too Good to be True “Snake Oil Sales” – Click Here!
  • Avoid Mall Parking Lot “Gypsy Sales” – Click Here!
  • Hidden Dealer Fees & Finance Lies – Click Here!
  • Falsely Advertised “RV Rebate Sales” – Click Here!
  • Debunking False R-Value Statements – Click Here!
  • Exposing False R-Values & “Four Seasons” Claims – Click Here!
  • Magic Insulating Foil Mythbusting – Click Here!
  • Exposing RV “Show Prices” – Click Here!
  • “Exclusive Dealer Brands” & “Private Label RVs” – Click Here!
  • Understanding “Early / Late” Model Years – Click Here!
  • “MAP” Pricing Restrictions – Click Here!
  • Avoid Slide Support Jacks – Click Here!
  • RV “Lifetime Warranty” Fact vs. Fiction – Click Here!
  • Bait & Switch RV Ad – Click Here!
  • Avoid Snow Left on Slide Outs – Click Here!

Manufacturer Specific Info

RV Feature Comparisons

Getting a Fair Deal

Hot & Cold Camping